Make your wedding, party or corporate event unforgettable – book Elnaz for elegant and mesmerizing dance entertainment!

Elnaz is available for booking for performances and workshops in both oriental dance and tribal belly dance. Throughout the years, she has graced both small and large stages such as Wisbymaskeraden (2011, 2012), Berns, Grand Hôtel, Arabian Nights (Nalen) and performed internationally in countries such as Spain, Serbia and Germany. As an artist, Elnaz is appreciated for her ability to connect with the audience, and for her ability to entertain and convey emotions.



Choose between different styles and lengths. The show and choice of music are adjusted to your preferences.

  • Small show, 10 minutes:
    Consists of one set of 2-3 songs and is appropriate for smaller stages. The show can be either Tribal or Oriental.
    Price: 2000 SEK
  • Classic show, 2×10 minutes:
    The show consists of two sets, including a costume change, with each set being 10 minutes long. The intermission between sets is a maximum of 30 minutes. Here you can choose several styles, for example an oriental entrance piece followed by folklore style and then finished with Tribal style.
    Price: 3500 SEK



Learning belly dance can be a fun part of a cooperate event or bachelorette party. Choose from the following styles:
Oriental Dance/Belly Dance
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
American Tribal Style Belly Dance
Price: 60 minutes 1500 SEK or 90 minutes 2000 SEK (studio fees not included)


Workshop + Show

Ideal for weekend workshop packages and festivals both in Sweden and abroad. Invite Elnaz to teach one or several workshops and perform on stage. Contact Elnaz for more information.



To learn one of Elnaz choreographies, or perhaps custom order one. Please contact Elnaz for more information.


Private class

Elnaz offers private classes for students of all levels. Get feedback on how to enhance your technique, stage presence etc. The studio is situated in the heart of Stockholm. There is also the possibility for you to provide an own studio/location.

Price: 1 person: 500 SEK per 60 minutes (studio fees not included). 2-4 people: 400 SEK per 60 minutes per person (studio fees not included).


The prices displayed are in Swedish currency and are valid for bookings within Uppsala. For bookings outside of Uppsala, please contact Elnaz.
Students are offered 10% discount on shows and 15% off of workshops.
You are welcome to contact Elnaz if you are interested in another program.

Please read the booking conditions before sending your request.
To send a booking inquiry, please use the booking form.