Elnaz has danced for as long as she can remember and has a special place in her heart for Oriental dance and music. Other styles that she is also passionate about are Hip Hop and Dancehall. She willingly fuses these styles to create something special and unique.

Elnaz began teaching in 2009 and is very appreciated for her pedagogical skills as well as for her fun choreographies. During classes she wishes to convey joy of dance – to have fun while learning. The music that Elnaz uses during the classes stretches from Jamaican dancehall to traditional Egyptian music.

Elnaz started taking classes in American Tribal Style Belly Dance® (ATS®) and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Sophia Mirlashari in 2008. Since then, she has become general-skills certified by ATS® creator Caroleena Nericcio and taken classes in Tribal Belly Dance and Oriental Belly Dance with teachers such as Tito Seif (EGY), Anasma (FR), Mardi Love (US), Bozenka (US), Samantha Emanuell (UK) and Samasem (SV). Elnaz has also taken classes in Hip Hop and Dancehall with amongst others Firediblackz (JAM), Shisha DHQ (FR), A NI Mal (FR) and Joao Assuncao (PT/SV).

Elnaz is currently teaching at Studiefrämjandet in Stockholm. She has previously taught at Layali Oriental Dance academy (2009-2013) and shorter courses and temporary post at schools around Stockholm and Uppsala. She also collaborates regularly with dancers around the area.