Oriental Dance/ Raqs Sharqi/

Belly Dance

There are many styles within the category Oriental Dance which is considered to originate from Egypt. The dance fuses soft and sharp movements and it can be elegant, strong and emotional. Oriental Dance can be divided into more modern styles where veils, Isis wings or fan veils are often used and more folkloric styles where cane or “Mileyas” are used.

Photo_ Yasmina of Cairo


Belly Dance

(Tribal Fusion Belly Dance)

Fusion Belly Dance is a dance style which mixes Fat Chance Belly Dance Style with a strong isolation technique. The style is very innovatory because one can fuse influences from basically any dance style one wishes. Common styles to fuse are contemporary dance, hip hop, popping, locking and Indian dance (classical and Bollywood). Elnaz willingly fuses Dancehall with Belly Dance which creates something with a lot of energy and attitude.


Fat Chance Belly Dance Style


Fat Chance Belly Dance Style (previously American Tribal Style or ATS®) is a powerful dance style which has Jamila Salimpours dance vocabulary as a base but also mixes classical Indian dance and flamenco. Fat Chance Belly Dance Style is a group dance where the dancers improvises together by using set formations and secret ”cues” which results in an exciting and dynamic dance form.